Christianity has been reduced to a religious system. A system where church becomes the center stage, Sunday a “Christian show” day, and everyone shoving their way to be in the spotlight. A supposedly warm, active, and living relationship with Jesus was exchanged with self-improvement program, performance and church imposed rules. With head held high, some walk around flaunting their own holiness and achievements.

It is now more of Churchianity than Christianity. A modern-day idolatry. So subtle that one barely notices it. It takes away the glory from Jesus. We make this whole thing our own though we haven’t even shed a single drop of blood for our redemption.

This reminded me of a story that Jesus told in Luke 15:11-32 where the younger son of a rich loving father left his home, brought his portion of goods and went away to a far country. He spent all he has, exhausted all his resources and ended up living like a servant, feeding swine and even eating the disgusting swine’s food. A son living like a servant and an heir acting like a beggar. A tragedy but a reality prevalent to most Christians right now. Like the prodigal son, some of us left our true identity, went away to our own “far country”, and did things our way.

It is my deepest desire that just like the prodigal son, we will come to realize who we really are and find our way home to be with our Father to enjoy His riches of grace in Jesus Christ. May we find Jesus Christ and not drift away to the pit of self-wretchedness ( Romans 7:24 ). My heart yearns to compel readers to set Jesus back to the center of everything and discover that the essence of Christianity does not hinge on us but on Christ.

1. In Christ – You Are New


God created you anew, the old is gone and the new has come. Learn and discover more about the new man in Christ.

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2. In Christ – You Are Righteous


Jesus was made sin for you so that you who is a sinner might become the righteousness of God.

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3. In Christ – You Are Fully Forgiven

Fully Forgiven

Your sin oh the bliss of this glorious thought. Your sin not in part but the whole. Rejoice for your debt has been paid.

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4. In Christ – You Are Under Grace

Under Grace

Not under the law of Moses but under grace ( The Law of Christ ). Learn the difference and be empowered by Jesus.

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5. In Christ – You’re A Beloved Child

Beloved Child of God

Because of Jesus, God gave you the right to be called His beloved Child and the right to call Him Daddy.

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6. In Christ – You Are Accepted

Accepted & Blessed

Know therefore that you are accepted and blessed because on the cross Christ was rejected and cursed.

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